Case issue
The President of a leading political and financial country is visiting a capital city in the Balkan peninsula | June 2007 (3 months program)

Consideration points
Unknown reactions of the locals |fear of terrorism and mass protest
Unstable political & social environment
Danger of harm President’s image

Client’s goal
Enhance political role of the party and its country in the European region, develop relations between the two
countries, establish business deals, modify a new-positive perception about the hostess country.

Adopt a communicational model that demonstrate “friendship” and a “win-to-win” social, political

and economical contract between the two countries.

Communication line
Employ consistent co-branded national materials, i.e. co-flags
Working as “a team” with the local authorities, media and decision makers

Side duties
Plan of commuting and coordination with the public services
Consultancy services and management of the meetings and the agenda with the political and business leaders

Established his political role in the country, the Balkans and the European territory
Gained maximum positive publicity, both nationally and overseas
Delivered a successful foreign affairs project & brought excellent relations between the two countries
Avoided any negative impact of his image and as a result he re-elected in the following elections

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